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Hit It Further!

Brad Bachand, PGA
Director of Instruction

How far you can hit a golf ball is the single biggest determinant for the potential you have in the game of golf. What does it take to hit it further?

Club Head Speed

Club head speed is a huge factor in how far you can hit a golf ball. Every one mile an hour has the potential to hit the ball 2.75 yards. Increase your club head speed ten miles an hour and you can hit the ball 27.5 more yards.

Angle of Attack

The angle that the club comes into the ball can greatly affect how far the ball will go. If you swing 90 mph and you hit 5 degrees down on the golf ball versus hitting 5 degrees up on the golf ball with solid contact, you will average 26 more total yards distance. Proper angle of attack is important.

The Sweet Spot

Miss hitting the ball ½” on the clubface can hit can cost you 20 yards with an 85 mph club head speed. If you swing 100 mph and miss hit the ball ½”, it can cost you much more than that. So how do you know where you are hitting the ball on the clubface? Get a dry erase marker and put a dot on the golf ball and turn the dot so it faces you driver. It will leave a little mark right on the clubface where the ball hit.

Ball speed is what really determines how far you hit the ball. Ball speed is based on the speed of the club and the solidness of contact. If you swing 100 mph and you hit the ball dead solid, it should travel 150 mph with a premium golf ball.

Club head speed, center face contact, and proper angle of attack are the ways to increase your distance. Increased distance will give you the potential to greatly reduce your score.