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Are Your clubs Ready Too?

Kenton Devine, PGA
Staff Instructor/Director of Clubworks

Everyone is getting cabin fever, right? I know I am and I’m sure you’re eager to step foot back out on to the green grass, tee one up and play a warm round of golf! But hang on just a second, you’re ready, you may feel your game is ready, but are your clubs ready too? The grip is the only connection between the golfer and the club, pretty important right? Yes, it is, you want to make sure you’re coming into the 2020 season with all of your clubs ready to help you perform your best! Sweat, dirt, just normal wear and tear, they all take a big toll on your grips. If your grip can't stay consistent due to a small slippage, your swing can't either. Anything that makes the club slip, by even be just a few degrees; it impacts the control you have of the club and clubface. If there is a slight change in either club or clubface, that could result in a larger variation in your ball flight. Your swing could have been perfectly fine but the club's turning may have caused the shot to go offline by 5-10 yards just because of your grip!

During the course of a year, most of the guys on the PGA tour will have their clubs regripped anywhere from 10-20 times. Obviously, most golfers do not need to go that far, but consider at least once a year for most avid players would be optimal. Higher quality grips from Golf Pride, Winn, or Lamkin will usually last longer, and feel better than an off-brand one. The importance of the proper feel when gripping the club cannot be overlooked, nor can the importance of the role of the grip so spending just a little extra to get the look and feel you want may not be a bad idea.

Performance, comfort, confidence to name a few are all critical to your score and you are sacrificing these and more when you arrive at the course with the possibility of your clubs failing you. As we all know, your round can be memorable for a good shot or a bad one, all it takes is one shot. Why risk having that one shot (or all your shots) affected by a piece of equipment that would be so easy to correct?

Feel free to stop by the shop, or give us a call to get new grips put on your clubs today!