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The Expertly Trained and Experienced Club Repair Staff at Man O' War Golf is Happy to Help With Any of Your Club Repair Needs

driversmed resMan O' War Golf is registered as an official UST Tour Shop as well as an authorized dealer for Matrix & Ozik Shafts, Rifle Shafts, Nippon Shafts, and Miura Golf Clubs.

Golf club customization is also available at the Man O' War Golf Shop. We offer latest in frequency analysis, shaft stabilization, and other tools to insure the perfect fit and your best performance.

Below is a list of prices for frequently requested items. If you have a club repair question that is not addressed below, please visit or call the Golf Shop at (859) 259-GOLF.

Ready to start improving your game? Request Club Repair Information or call (859) 259-4653 today!

Club Regripping
     All regripping prices are $3 plus the cost of the grip

Club Reshafting
  •  Standard Steel (Value/ Swing Science)
              $25 including grip 
  • Dynamic Gold R300/S300
              $42 including grip
  •  KBS Tour
              $50 including grip
  •  Graphite
              Price of the shaft plus $20 including grip
  •  Project X Rifle
              $59 including grip 

Shaft Extension
     $6 plus price of the regrip

Shorten Shaft
     $5 plus price of the regrip

Loft & Lie Adjustment
     $5 per club

Reset Shaft
     $10 per club

Change Graphite Shaft
     $20 per club
Change Steel Shaft
     $12 per club