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    Golf Fitness

Golf Fitness Can Help You Hit Longer Drives, Gain More Control, and Shoot Lower Scores.

Enjoy much longer drives. Imagine reaching par 5s in two. Added strength means better control, more consistency, and ultimately lower scores. At Man O' War Golf, we provide the highest level of golf fitness available in Kentucky. We're affiliated with the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI).

Golf Fitness through Our Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Affiliation

Golf is a series of actions and movements that require overall muscular strength, joint flexibility, and movement coordination. Most golfers have some physical limitations they need to overcome in order to improve their performance. In addition, most golfers are not even aware of these limitations and weaknesses.

An evaluation with one of Man O' War Golf's certified TPI Fitness Professionals is the first step to identifying areas of weakness. The TPI Fitness Professionals are also available to work one-on-one with you as you progress through your customized workouts to ensure correct technique and effectiveness. Improved golf fitness will lead to a more efficient swing with less compensations and wasted movements. This will result in longer, more accurate drives, reduced fatigue throughout 18 holes, better putting, better short-game, lower handicaps, and reduced risk of injury.

Request more information about our TPI Golf Fitness programs or call (859) 259-4653 to schedule an appointment.

Screening and evaluation includes:

  • A full report of results and findings with an explanation of their relation to your golf swing.
  • A baseline fitness handicap (similar to a golf handicap), which will be used to measure improvement.
  • A customized TPI Workout Program.
  • An introduction to TPI exercises, which address your strengths, weaknesses, and focus areas for improvement.
  • Free My TPI web account which give you access to exercise libraries, workout plans, golf health and fitness information.

Certified TPI Golf Fitness Professional Lucas Rose

  • 2014 Graduated of Asbury University with a degree in Business - Sports Management
  • PGA Apprentice - Level 2
  • TPI Certified - Level 2
  • US Kids Certified Junior Instructor
  • 3-time collegiate tournament champion with Asbury Eagles
  • Varsity/Junior Varsity Coach of West Jessamine Boys High School Golf


  • Individual Sessions $40.00
  • 6 Session Package $200.00
  • 12 Session Package $360.00

What Is The Titleist Performance Institute?

Over 11 years ago, Dr. Greg Rose and PGA Professional Dave Phillips co-founded the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) in Carlsbad, CA. They have developed the ultimate golf improvement experience by combining Titleist's custom fitting expertise with the physical attributes of the golfer's body and swing technique to help achieve golf specific goals.

They worked with and studied the best golfers in the world to develop the proper techniques and programs to identify and address golfers' swing inhibiting weaknesses and improve their strengths.

Man O' War Golf's partnership with TPI allows us to bring that same knowledge to our students, so they can achieve their goals and enjoy golf even more!

Poor golf swing mechanics are often the result of a player's physical limitations. A TPI Evaluation will help us identify physical limitations, which cause inefficiencies and compensations in a golfer's swing. Once those weaknesses are defined, a specific training program will be developed, which will help the golfer overcome these weaknesses and achieve a more efficient and consistent golf swing.

What Is Golf Fitness ?

The TPI Evaluation will consist of a 23 point screening to determine the golfer's range of motion, strength, flexibility, stability, posture, and balance as they relate to the golf swing.

The TPI Fitness Professional then reviews the results with you and develops a strength and conditioning program, which will help you address your swing faults and achieve your goals. The TPI developed training program is designed to be completed under the supervision of a TPI Fitness Instructor and at your convenience at home or a gym.

Evaluation and Training Benefits of TPI Training

  • Improved core stability and mobility
  • Better balance
  • Decreased joint pain and stiffness
  • Reduced risk of injury
  • Improved endurance
  • Increased longevity of your golf game
  • More fun and enjoyment of the game