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Golf Instruction’s Best Value: The Most Affordable Way to Improve Your Game!

What are you goals as a golfer? Break 90? Break 80? Become Scratch?!getting a grip

The Golf Improvement Experts at Man O’ War Golf has designed a program to help you reach your goals!  In our Level II clinics you’ll learn how to:

  • Hit longer and straighter drives
  • Be more consistent with iron shots
  • Master the short game so you get up and down more often from around the greens
  • Escape any bunker
  • And more!

What You Can Expect

  • Level II is for the golfer looking to break 90 or 80.  If you have “graduated” from our Level I clinics, you can think of this as our “Master’s Program”.
  • Group atmosphere, elaborating in greater detail the basics you learned in the first beginner’s clinic.  Level II is also perfect for golfers that already know the basics of the game, and are looking to further develop their skills.
  • 4 total hours of instruction, over a 4 week period
  • FREE Instruction booklet with written information and illustrations of the topics taught in the clinic.
  • FREE five large bucket card, giving you access to five buckets of range balls to practice on your own at our facility
  • Price for 4 week Intermediate Level II clinic:     $100
  • Single clinic:     $30

If you want to shoot lower scores, have more fun, and play better golf, then the Level II clinics with the Golf Improvement Experts will get you there! 

These clinics are available in two settings, either ADULT MIXED or LADIES ONLY!

For the complete schedule of our Level II Clinics:

2017 Adult/Ladies Level II Schedule

Space in clinics are limited! Call us today at (859) 259-4653 to sign up or